Cirrus Dental—in-office dental membership programs

About us

At Cirrus Dental, we believe that the relationship between a dentist and patient is best when an insurance company doesn’t try to get involved. We value transparency, great communication and happy patients.

Cirrus Dental was started by a dentist in Massachusetts looking to reduce his reliance on insurers. Not only did he want to move away from the hassles insurance causes patients and dentists alike, but he also was concerned that steep decreases in insurance reimbursements would mean he couldn’t continue to provide the high-quality care his patients deserved and expected.

He knew, however, that he had to offer an attractive alternative to patients and employers.

He looked at other subscription dental services, but found there were none offering the flexibility, efficient administration and benefits to patients that he was looking for.

After a fair bit of research and planning, the dentist partnered with an experienced healthcare IT executive and started Cirrus Dental. Our goal is to offer transparent, valuable and high-quality dental subscription administration at a fair price.

Cirrus Dental is based in Massachusetts. All of our staff and infrastructure are located in the U.S.

We’d be glad to share more of our story and goals with you. Please contact us at