Cirrus Dental—in-office dental membership programs

Product Tour

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Take a tour of our platform to see how it works and the valuable tools we provide you to run a successful in-office membership program.

Patient Sign Up

Cirrus Dental creates a customized web site to market your membership program to patients. The page includes information about the program and a way for patients to sign up directly. This video goes over the custom web site, as well as the ways Cirrus Dental helps you share the site with your patients.

Automated Payments

Cirrus Dental simplifies your membership program by automating much of the work needed to run a successful program. Once a patient signs up, our platform takes over, automatically charging the patient each month, then depositing payments in your account as soon as the charges clear.


The informative dashboard included with Cirrus Dental quickly shows you how your membership program is doing. It includes information about the total number of members and total revenue, as well as lets you identify trends in your membership program and helps you spot ways you can boost the success of your program.


To have a successful membership program, you need to let your patients know about it. Cirrus Dental provides material and support to effectively educate your patients about your membership program, answer their questions and provide a simple and easy way to sign up.

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